Not just a caller education opportunity - a wonderful chance to socialize with fellow callers in beautiful surrounds with superb accommodation. What more could you ask for!

Wednesday Night Dinner & Entertainment

Just a short note to advise of a small change in the general program for the Conference.

Due to a series of inherent problems with numbers and other factors, we have had to make a change to the Wednesday Night schedule where we had originally advertised and planned the dinner cruise on the Nepean Belle.

This evening event has now been changed to a special dinner PLUS a unique entertainment event…you are all invited to attend a MURDER.  This event will be held at the Avalon Restaurant in Katoomba.  

The cost for this is exactly the same as we had allowed for the dinner cruise.  

There are a number of advantages for us with this change:

  1. The Nepean Belle boarded from Penrith, a 40 minute journey south of Leura.  In order to make sure all were there at boarding time, we would have been hiring a bus.

  2. The Avalon restaurant is located on the Main Street of Katoomba, which is the next village west of Leura – a five minute ride away

  3. While the cruise would have been excellent, there would not have been much scenery to view, as it is in the evening.

  4. We will now have a unique entertainment event for all attendees…a Murder Party, where one of the guests will suffer the horrible fate of being murdered during the course of the evening.  These events are great fun, and involve everyone.

  5. The menu for the dinner cruise changed from a buffet style menu to a pre-set menu with limited choices.

  6. At the Avalon we will have a full 3 course menu, with a large number of dishes to select from.

  7. The Nepean belle was not a venue that was particularly suited to those with families, as it was a ‘bums on seats’ deal with them.

  8. The Avalon Restaurant has a specific menu for children, thus it opens up for those with children to attend.

  9. The Nepean Belle cruise did not allow for any special’ entertainment.  

Whereas with the Avalon we now have the opportunity of not just a fill dining experience, but a full entertainment experience as well.


The Nepean Belle dinner cruise, while a good option, was not our first choice for the Wednesday evening finale.  Originally, we had looked at the idea of a dinner at Jenolan Caves House, followed by a torchlight tour thru one of the caves, but this turned out to be a non-starter due to costs and distance.  

We discovered the idea of a Murder Party while talking to people from the area about different forms of entertainment.  Gary Carpenter had told us about a group that presented a ‘Goon Show’ and it was during that search that we came across the idea of a Murder Party (organised by same group).  Barry & Sue have been in discussion with the Murder Master for some time, and had a meeting with him two weeks ago to sort out details.

Our Murder Master is an expert in this field and has been involved in presentations in this vein for quite a long while, hosting events for a wide group ranging from local groups, to executive management occasions.  He has travelled throughout the country hosting events like this.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be sending out further details of the event.

While any change could be seen as a disappointment, we believe that this is not the case here.  What we are now planning will be an ‘event to remember’.

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