Not just a caller education opportunity - a wonderful chance to socialize with fellow callers in beautiful surrounds with superb accommodation. What more could you ask for!


Plans started to take shape shortly after the last conference at Mooloolabah in 2016. Lots of ideas came up, but the main concern by all involved was to present a programme that flowed from one topic to the next. We did not want just a jumble of great, but unrelated topics; rather we wanted to take a holistic approach, based on a general theme. It was felt that all callers should have the same opportunity for to attend each session presented, hence a 3 pronged approach was to be undertaken. This meant that each topic presented would be actually done 3 times, with each version aimed at a different knowledge base by the attendees. Thus we would have a specific topic for the newer callers, same topic with emphasis changed to a more experienced group and lastly a third group that would be for the callers with the most experience.

This also worked into the concept of limited numbers for the sessions with our Voice Coach, ARDEN HOPKIN, allowing each caller to have the opportunity to have individual time with the Coach.


Sun 5 Apr                     Mon 6 Apr                Tue 7 Apr                   Wed 8 Apr                           Thu 9 Apr

Check In                 ACF Conference      ACF Conference       ACF Conference         Special Dance - Randy Dougherty

Social Dance                                                                                  Dinner Cruise

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ACF CC Program 1.png
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ACF CC Program 4.png

Attendees at the conference will have the following:

  1. Welcome cuppa each morning

  2. Morning tea each day

  3. A full buffet luncheon .

  4. Afternoon Tea each day.

  5. All materials from our guest presenters.

  6. A number of free pieces of square dance music.

  7. Opportunities to socialize with friends

  8. Unique educational opportunities to gain from the experience of our special presenters.

  9. Hands-on opportunities with our special Vocal Coach…he is there to assist you to bring out the best in your most important calling tool.

  10. Sessions catering specifically for experience levels rather than delegates having no idea what the instructor is talking about, or being bored with knowledge learnt years ago.

  11. A truly great experience that will be remembered for years to come.

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